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Kolkata Escorts Safety
For vaginal, anal and oral sex, you should use condoms.
Points to keep in mind include:
  • The male condom is a fine, strong, latex-rubber sheath available in a variety of sizes and styles. Condoms made from polyurethane are available for people allergic to latex.
  • The female condom resembles a regular condom made of polyurethane, but is designed to fit inside the vagina. The female condom is pre-lubricated and is ‘one size fits all’.
  • You should use other barrier methods – for example, condoms on vibrators and other penetrative sex toys, a latex glove for digital penetration of the vagina or anus, and a dental dam (a sheet of latex worn over the female genitals) during oral sex.
  • Remember that a diaphragm (a cap worn high in the vagina to cover the cervix) offers good protection against pregnancy, but low protection against STIs.
  • To be effective, condoms must be used from the start of sex to the very end as STIs can be transmitted via pre-ejaculate.
  • Always use a new, lubricated condom every time you have sex. Check the use-by date and open the packet, being careful not to tear the condom with fingernails, jewellery or teeth.
  • If you need extra lubricant, use only water-based lubricants. Other lubricants can damage the condom.